Renko's Meat Processing

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Well ya finally found me. It must be your lucky day. My name is Bob Renko and I am the owner/operator of Renko's Meat Processing. I have had my small business here in Kendall, New York now since 1999. I first started out processing all my own farm animals we raised every year as a way of feeding my family good wholesome, farm raised meat and poultry. It has been all family oriented an used as a means of teaching our children the value of hard work and also fun. We made our own sausage for all the holidays, getting different recipes from family and friends. With the loss of my  job I have taken my hobby and developed a small business where I have been able to let others enjoy the same benefits as we have at a reasonable price and that is done in a small shop I have built located here on my farm. I do all types of homemade sausage in addition to making jerky.

All Questions, if you have any, will gladly be answered. I am a simple guy so I like to keep  things as simple as possible. Please use either e-mail or a call on the cell, I will usually answer as soon as possible. I am one of the few processors left in this county and even the surrounding counties that do the type of work that I do. Things have gotten so complicated and quite frankly, a real pain in the butt for us to stay in business, let alone also being very expensive. But you might say that us ole geezers are still old fashioned and stubborn so guess what, I'm staying. Also, another reason for my persistence is that I am fed up with people not getting a service to them that is FAIR and REASONABLE and HONEST !!!