Renko's Meat Processing

Give us a try and we promise you won't be disappointed!


    Renko's Meat Processing has many products that are available to everyone! Most of my products    can be made for you can be made specifically to your needs.

    I use all USDA certified meat. I am only a phone call away with any and all concerns or questions !!!

    Below is a listing of some of my products, but I will gladly try and make whatever you would like, all you have to do is ask !!!



Italian (Hot, Medium, Mild)        Andouille      Chorizo      Polish      Bratwurst      Apple-Chicken   Apple - Pork   Breakfast      Chicken(Italian Style)        Chicken (w/Feta & spinach)   Italian (w/Mozzarella/onions/peppers)



Summer Sausage      Bologna      Pepperoni      Meat Sticks      Salami 


Hot(Good & Zippy)       Hickory-Smoke      BBQ      Teriyaki

SMOKED MEATS                               SPECIALTY STUFF

 Smoked Turkey Legs

 Hams / Picnics

 Hocks       Bacon




 Corned meats         Liverwurst      Mettwurst